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Take the stress out of your NAATI CCL exam preparation with our Premium NAATI CCL Telugu Exam Preparation Package. Tailored to deliver comprehensive, result-oriented training, our package combines an array of features designed to maximize your learning experience and gear you towards success in your exam. With personal assistance and a wealth of resources, achieving that NAATI certification becomes a guaranteed and straightforward process.

What You Will Learn

  • In-depth knowledge of the Telugu and English languages, leveraging 140+ dialogue exercises.
  • Extensive Telugu/English vocabulary to enhance your translation proficiency.
  • Practical understanding of the exam format, speed, and structure through 2 mock tests.
  • Detailed feedback and improvement strategies through an available assessment report.
  • Support and guidance on registration and verification processes.
  • Tips and assistance for your exam day with prime support.

    Understand the necessary skills for success and get accustomed to the exam pattern.

    Practice translation tasks repetitively for an easy and smooth translation process.

    Enhance your language skills with targeted vocabulary exercises in your Language Other Than English (LOTE).

    Improve your understanding and your ability to recreate segments in the LOTE.

    Learn effective note-taking techniques to draw meaningful connections during the translation process.

    Focus on the application of vocabulary and understanding dialogues.

    Conduct regular check-ins to monitor your progress and identify areas of improvement.

    Experience the element of unpredictability with randomly assigned practice papers.

    Measure your skills in a simulated exam environment.

    Review your progress, address any learning gaps, and strategize for improvement

    This is your ultimate rehearsal before the actual exam, ensuring you are fully prepared.

    The comprehensive final stage that consolidates all learning and makes you exam-ready.

    Our dedicated customer support team is on standby, ready to address any queries and provide immediate help when you need it.

    Enhance your learning experience with our in-dialogue comment feature. Not only does it allow us to address your queries promptly, but it also encourages knowledge sharing among peers who are online.

    Gain immediate access to newly generated Master Classes and receive instant updates, thereby ensuring your learning is always in line with the latest trends and techniques.

    Our platform offers a clean, ad-free, distraction-free learning space, with no slides or unnecessary images. It's designed to help you maintain sustained focus on your study materials for longer periods.

    Benefit from our collection of previous papers, a vital resource for understanding the pattern and flow of dialogues, hence enhancing your exam preparation.

    Enjoy 100% access to our wealth of resources, ensuring you have comprehensive materials at your fingertips to fully prepare for your exam.

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